Trending Up: 5 Wedding Trends You Need to Know About

Getting married is exciting, but it can be overwhelming too.  Just like some couples choose seasonal weddings for many reasons, trends in weddings change like the seasons.  There is no real rhyme or reason.  Like the seasons changing due to a series of events, so do the trends due to a series of trends.  Whether it is something costing too much to produce or a sudden popular idea that takes off, you cannot predict what will change.  And, since you only get married once, we hope, you want to ensure that whatever the trend is, you are planning your wedding to keep up with it.  After all, you will not propose when the trend you want is just right.  That is why we are sharing five wedding trends you need to know about below.

Unique Invitations

Photo by Wendy Laurel

Plexiglass invites, foil stamping, and glow-in-the-dark ink are just a few of the trends in wedding invitations right now.  You can get your wedding started with a bang by following these trends.  Imagine your guests’ delight when they receive invitations that are fresh and different.  Imagine the excitement that will build for your special day.  See some other unique ideas here.  

Gift Lounge

Photo by Michelle Beller Photography

This gift bag shows how innovative you can be when you decide what can go in it.  Instead of deciding what to put in the bag, set up a swag area where your guests can create their own gift bags.  You will be happy you did.  This makes your wedding personal and fun at the same time as your guests get what they want and not something they may never use.  You can even have your friends or family help guests with their gift selection, so everyone gets involved.  View other gift bag ideas here.

Ask For What You Really, Really Want

Photo by Stephanie Brazzle Photography

Asking for what you want, not what you need is a rising trend.  From asking for guests to give to charities to museum memberships and class registrations, ask for things that you want.  Think of things that you will really use in your daily life or that can be something special you and your partner can use as an experience.  That does not mean asking for normal gifts, but do not shy away from asking for that fancy glassware you really want rather than the one you think people can afford.You may be surprised by what you get. See some ideas here.

Metallic Dresses and Breezy Silhouettes


Sparkly gowns with gold, silver, and metallic beading are flooding the bridal runways. The ball gown is also making a comeback because it is perfect for a formal evening wedding. Breezy silhouettes and airy skirts are also hot. These effortless dresses have an ethereal vibe and are well suited for a destination affair or even a second look for the evening. Think: flowing fabrics like tulle and organza when considering these dresses. Also making their way down aisles this year will be detachable skirts, floral embellishments, and off-the-shoulder looks.

Go Green

Photo by Abby Jiu Photography

This does not mean that you are putting on an environmentally friendly wedding, although we do encourage a low carbon footprint wedding.  This means that you are making your indoor wedding feel as though it is embracing the outside.  This includes bringing in oversized potted trees for a forest type feel, or natural elements such as wood and stone.  Big bouquets are another idea to make things more natural. The general trend is to move away from the manufacturer thematic wedding and make things feel more undone, yet natural.  

There you have it!  Some of the hottest trends on weddings laid out so you can keep up with them and incorporate them into your wedding if you choose.  And, of course, we will be there to capture it all with our photography.  Contact us today for more hot trends you need to know about!